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Zinc Fluoborate

Zinc fluoborate appears as white crystals in its natural physical state, and it can be used in a variety of different industries and applications. It is readily soluble in water, though it is insoluble in alcohol. Its pH level can range from 4.5 to as high as 6.5, and its flash point is relatively low, as it is not considered to be a fire hazard. The compound is also stable under regular conditions as well, though it is relatively sensitive to moisture.

Fluoroboric acid is regularly used in plating different circuits. It can also be used in metal finishing, electropolishing procedures that involve aluminium and its alloys, and as a component of galvanic baths. In addition to such uses, it is also used as an organic synthesis and as a catalyst for alkylations and polymerisation. The inorganic fluoroborate salts are often used as components in fluxing and plating, as well as catalysts in various industries.