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Zinc Stearate

Zinc stearate ("ZS") is zinc soap with a wide variety of industrial uses. It is a metal "salt" component of fatty acids and comes in a white solid form that acts as a water repellent. When heated, it is soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons such as chloride and benzene.

This compound is the most powerful of all metal soap mold release agents. There are no electrolytes present in ZS, but its effect is hydrophobic. Industries of use:

Plastics - ZS is used as an easily incorporated lubricant and releasing agent.

Rubber - This chemical compound is a popular release agent used in producing many rubber items, polyester processing systems, and polyurethane. These uses take advantage of ZS's nonstick property. The compound also acts as an "activator" in the rubber vulcanization process of various accelerants and sulfur.

Cosmetics - In the industrial production of cosmetics products, ZS serves as an excellent lubricant and thickening agent that greatly improves texture and viscosity.